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Joshua Ryan Heerssen
Joshua Ryan Heerssen

Theatrical Production Designer

I hold my M.A. in Theatre from the University of Houston and earned
my B.F.A. in Theatre Arts from Stephen F. Austin State University in
Nacogdoches, TX.  My emphasis was in Lighting Design and Scenic
Design.   I currently reside in Houston, TX working in the Theatre

I have:
Designed over 80 lighting designs
professionally and academically.
Graduated with a 3.5 G.P.A.
Fast and immediate learning skills.
Directed by Chocs Landgrebe
Production Designer: Joshua Ryan Heerssen
Throughout this website:

You can view my portfolio of my most recent designs, you
can see my résumé, as well as see design drafting and
In Addition:

I am willing to travel and learn anywhere in the world.  I am
here to help and experience theatre from every perspective.  
It would be my honor to help you in your theatre.
Goldilocks: The Musical
Directed by Dr. Alan Nielsen
Lighting Design by Joshua Ryan Heerssen
These pictures are just a few of my most recent designs
in the past couple of years.  These are some of my
favorite shots from these productions.  Again be sure to
look at my portfolio and my designs for more pictures of
my lighting and scenic designs.
The Increased Difficulty of Concentration
Directed by Dr. Rick Jones III
Lighting Design by Joshua Ryan Heerssen
Soft Saop        
Directed by Chocs Landgrebe and Maggie Rodriguez
Production designer: Joshua Ryan Heerssen
© Copyright 2016
Directed by Maggie Rodriguez
Production Designer: Joshua Heerssen